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Possible Duplicate:
How do I share a single computer among different users?

At home, I have 1 PC with 2 screens, 2 mice and 2 keyboards. What is the best way to enable concurrent (simultaneous) users on this PC, in a Windows environement if possible?

Can Windows Server 2008 do that? Would I have to log in through RDC or can I log in 2 users directly?

Are there any other viable alternatives, like running unix with 2 virtual machines? I'd like to have pro and cons for each solution.

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I have seen solutions based on MultiEx software, providing 2 workplaces on 1 PC, but it looks like this software is no longer exists. I think ASTER is something similar

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I looked into this a few years ago. For me, I wanted the PC in the closet and then run DVI extender cables around the house. The cost of cabling was too high at the time so I passed on the idea. Here are a few links to point you in the right direction. A Linux and a Windows solution.

Six-user Linux System

Multiple Workstation Windows System

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