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To optimize backups on Ubuntu, I need to know what files and directories can be skipped.

Mozilla has a nice documentation of the Firefox profile folder. Is such a page available for Opera? The closest I could found is How to Migrate Opera Settings , but it's not that extensive. For example, what is temporary_downloads for? Holding downloads until these are completed?

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Hope this helps,between these links you should get a better idea of what you want to download.
Temp_dloads are e.g.pdf files viewed in opera browser and not saved.This gives greater detail
What files do i need to backup[has link-'Tamil, profile']
How to backup[lists reconmended files]

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Thanks for your answer, but unfortunately, it does not really answer my question. The first link explains nicely what the temporary_downloads does, the second basically says "copy the whole profile folder", which I want to avoid as it contains useless directories like Cache. The third is similar to the "How to Migrate Opera Settings" link in my question. –  Lekensteyn May 8 '11 at 13:20
v sorry, still have not found answer with greater detail –  mic84 May 9 '11 at 3:23

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