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When I'm working on my app in a coffee shop, I want to make sure no one can see the app, which runs on localhost:8080.

How do you configure Windows Firewall to block external connections to 8080 but still allow you to connect to the port on your own machine?

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I'd prefer to set my web server to listen only loopback connection –  at8eqeq3 May 7 '11 at 15:29

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The answers to this question of mine on Stackoverflow.com allow you to set this up, however this is using Apache rather than IIS.

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Windows Firewall should be doing that automatically by default unless you explicitly open it. Which perhaps you have for when you're not at the coffee shop, but network profiles (Home/Work or Public) or what you want to use. If you have a rule allowing access to 8080, make sure it's enabled only for Home/Work and not for Public. Assuming that you use Public when connecting to an untrusted access point, which you obviously should.

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