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I've got a batch file that I am trying to launch from the keyboard. I created a shortcut for this batch file and can successfully use F1-F11 as the Shortcut Key. I can set F12 as the shortcut key, but it does not run the batch file when I hit it. I downloaded a program called Shortcut Key Explorer to see if another program was already using F12, and there is not. Any ideas why I cannot use F12 as a shortcut key?

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F12 has never worked as a shortcut key for me. I assume it's just not supported for some odd reason. You could try SharpKeys and see if that works.

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Do you have Visual Studio installed? I wonder if it is because F12 is reserved for "Jump to definition". I hadn't thought of that until I started working. – Lou Z. May 24 '11 at 1:22

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