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When I run certain commands from the Start Menu (Start > Run), the screen closes and exits before I can read the results. If, instead, I run the command in a Command Prompt, the display remains until I exit or clear it (normal behavior).

This is not a big issue since I rarely use the Start > Run field for anything. I am just curious to know if there is any way to hold the window open until I dismiss it?

For example, if I run chkdsk from Start > Run, I can see the various steps working but the window flashes away once finished - I'm unable to read the results. If I run chkdsk from within a Command Prompt, the results remain until I exit or clear the screen.

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Yes, if you prefix the command with cmd /k in Start > Run, it will keep the Command Prompt open after execution has finished. For example:

cmd /k chkdsk
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yeah. an alternative way is to create a batch with the command in the first line and the command "pause" in the second line... – kokbira May 9 '11 at 14:34

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