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On my Windows 7 x64 laptop, I'm trying to sync My Documents using Mesh (version 15.4.3502.922) but I keep getting this error:

This folder can't be synced. It is already being synced, contains folders that are already being synced, or is in a folder that is already being synced. Please select a different folder or move this folder to another location.

But this folder ISN'T being synced. If I go to and browse the node for my laptop, it says:

You aren't syncing any folders. To start syncing a folder, make sure Windows Live Mesh is installed on this computer. Then start Windows Live Mesh and click Sync a folder.

I get the same error when trying to sync "My Videos" and "My Photos". These 3 folders were synced using a different hotmail account on my old laptop. These folders were copied from that old laptop to my new laptop. On this new laptop, I'm using a completely different Windows Live Id. And this is the first time I'm using Mesh on this laptop.

How can I resolve this issue?

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I deleted pretty much everything under "C:\users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mesh" and things worked as expected.

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