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I have Adblock Plus , Firefox Addon installed with my Firefox ver. 3.6.17. In this, I don't see any setting wherein I can selectively add site urls/domains as exceptions to the Adblock filter.

e.g. I would like to see ads shown by

On a different Firefox of ver. 4.0, with this Adblock plus addon, I can see a setting in my status bar which I can click and enter domain exceptions for the adblock filter?

I checked in this Firefox settings, but could not find.

Any pointers.

Thank you.

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You could just navigate to google, click the ABP-icon dropdown in the toolbar/addonbar and choose "Disable on"

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Tools -> Addons, find AdBlock Plus and click "options" and you should be able to add exceptions even with a filter subscription.

The format for exceptions is something like: "@@||^$document"

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If you have the button added to your toolbar, there is an option to Disable on (this current site). This will add an exception for the site that you're currently browsing.

To add the button to your toolbar, right-click on the toolbar and select customize. Then drag the adblock button to your desired location.

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