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i have this instruction

17 -rwxr-x-wx+ 1 john staff 2010 Jul 01 12:14 file3

What is 17, + and 1 in this instruction? Please help me ?

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The "+" indicates that there is an ACL (Access Control List) entry associated with the file. Use getfacl to view the ACLs. You can also use setfacl to set them.

The number "1" is the number of hard links to that file.

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yes this is output from command "ls -l" but i don't understand exactly + for what is standing? – Bob Jamaica May 9 '11 at 12:35
The + sign means that there is an ACL applied on top of the normal Unix permissions and that you need to use the getfacl command to see them. – Xenoactive May 9 '11 at 13:29

Just to complement dogbanes's answer, the output you pasted is not an instruction, but a long output of ls command. The following command should give you full documentation of the ls command, including description of its output:

info coreutils 'ls invocation'

Try also man ls

The 17 could be the disk allocation size, displayed if -s option is used.

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Just to complement dogbanes's and compostus' answers, if you happen to use ZFS or NFSv4 on Solaris, the proper way to display ACLs would be to use ls -v instead of getfacl and chmod instead of setfacl.

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