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How can I add the "Location" column to permanently appear in search results?

I am running TB 3.1.10 on Mac Os X 10.6.6.

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There are two options that I know of.

A) Use the Mnenhy Addon. This will solve this problem and also offers many other features.

B) Or follow the steps to this workaround:

  1. Perform a search from Edit>Find>Search Messages (Shift+Ctrl+F)
  2. Click on Save as Search Folder and choose which folders to search to mimic a global search
  3. Arrange columns in the search folder as desired

When you want to perform a search, just do: Right-Click>Properties, enter a search criterion, and update. The results will be displayed in this folder with the same columns as everywhere else. It's not the most elegant, but that's why it's a workaround.

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