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IE supports wildcards in proxy exceptions like: mycompany-*; *; 192.168.1.*

What I have to insert in the proxy exceptions in Firefox? I read wildcard * is not supported at all, but found no solution.

And how can I exclude a few sites from a global wildcarded domain?

eg. I have excluded * from proxy, but then I have to enable proxy for How can I do that?

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You can define wildcards with the CIDR notation. For example:

specifies the range from up to

See for more information: CIDR

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I think you can just add the domain e.g.

Will pick up any variant. I don't know about mycompany-*

I believe it also supports ranges e.g.

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I was faced with a similar problem (however it was only for local machines on our network)

I needed to bypass the proxy for all our local machines. These start in the format abcXXX where XXX is a value from 000 - 999

For example one development server may be hosted on abc303 and the other on abc909.

We tried the CIDR method in our proxy execptions as all machines had an IP address in the however, we still faced issues.

We manged to fix this by adding


to our proxy exceptions

I couldn't find a lot of information on this but it is mentioned in Mozilla's Bug 72444 - Proxy: "bypass proxy server for local addresses" bug request.

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Yes, it seems almost all variations of CIDR specification are broke in firefox, but <local> will work for and (and possibly – fijiaaron Oct 26 '12 at 16:59

Came across the most complete reference on this:

In summary:

  • Any domain in the list is matched using "ends with" logic, so "" would match "" in url. (Wildcard at the beginning of a domain is redundant and ignored.)
  • IP address can only be expressed in CIDR format and are only matched if literal IP is used in the url, i.e. no DNS lookup is performed before checking this list.
  • If the list contains <local> and the domain part of the url contains no dot, then proxy is not used.
  • Wildcard not at the beginning and IPv6 addresses are not supported

If your requirements cannot be satisfied by above, writing a PAC file is the only way.

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