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I've read that for example Ubuntu Enterprise Could images can be loaded from a private cloud residing on your local network to Amazon EC2. Or you can create a image on Amazon EC2 and then download it and use the image on your private cloud.

Is there something similar that you can do on RackSpace cloud?

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If your store your image on Cloud Files, you can download it (access the "cloudservers" container in Cloud Files via your Control Panel or third-party app). If you're running your own OpenStack-based cloud, it may be possible to then use that image locally.

As for going the other way (using a local image on the Rackspace Cloud), I don't think that they currently support that. You could upload files into Cloud Files, but there's no way to "register" an image like you can on EC2.

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and how do you store an image on cloud files? – w00t Mar 3 '13 at 18:47

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