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I have this text in my browser window:

Your userid is XXX
Your temporary password is JBAQJiK9 

Please visit `<URL>` and update your password and profile 

If I double click on any word except the password + Ctrl+C, I end up with the word in the clipboard. If I double click the password, I end up with JBAQJiK9<space> in the clipboard, that is an additional space character is appended to the password. This causes me some problems when I copy&paste the password into the login form since I can't see what's happening. Damn security by obscurity. :-(

In the source, I can see this:

Your userid is XXX<br />
Your temporary password is JBAQJiK9 <br />

So there is a space but I can't see it and I can't select it while I can select the space between "password" and "is", for example.

Is this a bug in Firefox 4 or is it a security feature?

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