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I'd like to build a list of all the people who email me but can't figure out a way of doing it.

Tools such as Xobni offer a list, but it is not possible to select the data from the 'analytics'.

How can I harvest this data?

EDIT: Needs to be recursive from root inbox folder

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Not a duplicate: the question asks for a solution that works recursively, but the cited question is about mail in a single folder, and the CodeTwo utility mentioned in its accepted answer only exports the contents of a single folder and not child folders. – Reg Edit Mar 22 '15 at 11:28

Export your inbox as a csv file. Just before the export happens there will be a field chooser button (sorry can't remember the name). Inside there make sure only the "to" email address is selected.

End result will be a file that you can manipulate in Excel. You'll need to remove the duplicates but that can be handy to work out who emails you the most (and least).

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This doesn't work recursively, which the OP asked for. It only exports mail from the selected folder itself, not child folders. – Reg Edit Mar 22 '15 at 11:31

It's easy with free Save One Header utility. It will dump all required addresses to a flat text file. In order to find required header name (for sender) run Save All Headers tool (also freeware). I'm one of developers of both tools. I already posted it here, this is actually a good solution and still no good answers. Using a third-party tool is a way to go.

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