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Here's a thing: I have a piece of software listening on and only (I can choose the port). I want it to work as a server and accept connections from outer network. How can I forward the communication from (e.g.) to

I am using Ubuntu 11.04. Tried to look into iptables, but they don't actually offer the thing I want to archieve.

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rinetd (…) looks like exactly something I want - except it needs to be downloaded and installed. I am looking for a system-settings solution. Hope there's one – Corkscreewe May 9 '11 at 21:50

You should change the ip address that the software is listening on.

If you bind it to the ip and port 80, then it will be able to listen on all interfaces ( and

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I wish I could do that. Can't modify its settings though – Corkscreewe May 9 '11 at 21:36

You can easily make a tunnel using SSH.

something like: ssh -L 3307: user@ will tunnel traffic from port to

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You can do this in your firewall (you should be using one). I use Firestarter and it has an easy interface for forwarding ports.

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