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What is the hotkey to show Chrome extensions?

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There is none built-in; you’ll have to install an extension specifically for this such as this one or use a shortcut/hotkey management extension (like this one or this one) and assign the extension page (chrome://extensions/) to the a key combo.

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you can now get keyboard shortcut access to Chrome's extensions (without installing additional extensions) by adding a hack entry to Google's stored search engines. See my answer below for more detail. – lowndrul Jan 1 at 15:22

On Mac OS X, there is none by default, if you mean Window » Extensions. Just add one in System Preferences:

enter image description here


enter image description here

Or you can always enter (and even bookmark) chrome://extensions/ to get there.

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The following will give you hotkey-like functionality to reach the Chrome extensions page (in my example, CTRL + L + E) without needing to install additional Chrome extensions:

  • Right-click in the Chrome address bar
  • Select "Edit search engines..." from the menu
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this new window where you'll find a row to add a new entry. Where you see:
    • "Add a new search engine" enter any name (e.g. "Google Extensions")
    • "Keyword" enter your desired shortcut (e.g., E )
    • "URL..." enter "chrome://settings/"
  • Select "Done"
  • Now you can get to the Chrome Extensions page from within Chrome by entering CTRL + L + E
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+1 - Nice trick!! – Rahul2001 Jan 1 at 15:15
And welcome to SuperUser! – Rahul2001 Jan 1 at 15:16

What you could do (what i do) is that I use the shortcut Ctrl+ H (History) and then select Extensions.

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