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If I've accidentally modified a configuration file using Notepad++, saved it, and then closed the file - is there any possibility that Notepad++ may have saved the pre-modified content in a temporary file somewhere?

I need to recover the configuration file - any ideas how I can do this?

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Go to: Settings > Preferences > Backup.


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Press start+R And Paste


rename the the file you want to backup from this format "yourfile.php@2015-01-08_190914" to this format "yourfile.php" and take it to your work directory.

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From a discussion at Sourceforge:

Try finding the recovery folder of Notepad++. On my XP machine, it is at C:\Documents and Settings\<user account name>\Local Settings\Temp\N++RECOV The path may start differently in other versions of Windows.

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IF Notepad++ crush , and no data remain then

Press start+R And Paste


And get your lost file back up..!!

Thank GOD.. these features is available in NPP..!! It save programmers heart breaking is'nt??

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this is what happened to me and I can find the backup file there. not sure why there is people down-voting it.. – Afriza N Arief Nov 16 '15 at 6:04

No. There is no way to restore state of the closed file.

But pcunite pointed out a good way to go in Your future daily work with notepad++. Backup is as simple as selection of one option in the settings.

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Might be possible with just Windows 7.

Right-click to the file you want to restore and select "Restore previous versions". Not sure about configuration files, but worked perfectly with html and css files (promised myself this will never happen again :)

PS. my original files were 3 days old and were saved as part of system restore point.

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