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Here is an example of my problem (the real image is more difficult, but the problem is the same):

I have a photoshop file with 2 layers. One layer is the background color. This layer has the right size for the screen. The second layer is a cool art. This layer is much larger.

I do not want to copy the one layer into the other. How do I scale the second layer, not the image, so that the proportions are untouched but the layer itself is smaller and therefore fits into the first layer?

(Photoshop Extended CS 5)

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If you want the proportions to be same , you can use.

Convert it into smart object. Right click on the layer of the object and select the option for Smart Object.

  1. Free Transform (Ctrl+T in Windows)
  2. Resize from the corner with shift and Alt keys pressed together.

This is what i do mostly.

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Yeah, so therefore I need SmartTransform. Does SmartTransform has any downsides? (On my Mac it was Cmd+T) – Virus42 May 3 '11 at 13:40
yeah , if you wanna edit the layer content you resize , do it first and then convert into smart object. else you have to raster the smart object and the content will get distorted – Raja Nallathambi Gounder May 4 '11 at 8:33

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