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I'd like to back up (and be able to restore upon Windows 7 reinstall) all my heavily-customised Indexing Options settings.

e.g. I have VERY customised list of file types that I have ticked in the Advanced Options, to the "Index Properties and File Contents" type instead of just "Properties" - which is kind of essential for really properly searching my computer and my documents. Like publisher files, have text in them that I really need to be able to find, and by default it's I have many file types like this ticked to actually be properly indexed.

And what a pain it would be to have to manually go through and tick every one upon system reinstall (not to mention, remember/note down what ones that I ticked, beforehand!).

Are the settings stored somewhere in the registry? In some system file inside Windows/USER folder?

Let's hunt down for where it's stored. Nothing in Windows can't be backed up.

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Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Backup and Restore. If you follow this you can get to the screen that allows you to backup your system. Note it can take awhile depending on what your hard drive looks like. Granted it still won't backup everything so what you need to do is go through and back up by hand the files you don't won't to loose before doing the other backup just in case it doesn't backup the files you're talking about. Once you get to the backup and restore screen click setup backup (then just follow the instructions).

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This is hardly a satisfactory answer. I'm looking for a way to only backup the Indexing Options configuration, not everything else at same time. Although, that would be good enough for me, if it at least DID save the Indexing Options config. But your answer is not clear on this. Can you give links to trusted reports/guides/seemingly accurate testimonies of Backup and Restore successfully restoring Indexing Options settings? But even if it did, Backup and Restore merely automates the copying of system files, one of which is all I need for Indexing Options settings. any ideas? – user78017 May 11 '11 at 14:52

Well this is the only way to actually backup the indexing Options Config. When you backup the hard drive it's not automating anything it is actually copying what is there and placing it onto removable media for later use.The indexing Options config is part of Windows and therefore can't just be backed up separate, but if you still think there is another way then I guess you could always try to manually copy and place them onto a cd but I doubt it will work for you. You really have to understand what the Indexing Options Config does in Windows and once you understand then you'll know why you can't just back it up.

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Yes that's what I mean. find exactly WHERE that config is. But thanks for the more certain answer that "Backup and Restore" though. It will do for now, until my next reinstall. you seem to hint that it is more complicated than a single file...well if it tied into the registry and the system's specific file type registrations: well yes that IS complex and tedious... – user78017 May 12 '11 at 17:38

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