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Is there something like a ~/.svnrc or ~/.svn/* where I can put svn command line options that will be applied to all svn commands I issue on the shell, e.g --no-auth-cache?!

The SVN version is 1.5.1.

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The first time the svn command-line client is executed, it creates a per-user configuration area. On Unix-like systems, this area appears as a directory named .subversion in the user's home directory.

(Runtime Configuration Area in the Version Control with Subversion online manual.)

There should be a file named config under ~/.subversion that's already heavily commented to get you started. As for your example, the Config section in the online manual has these:


This instructs Subversion to cache, or not to cache, passwords that are supplied by the user in response to server authentication challenges. The default value is yes. Set this to no to disable this on-disk password caching. You can override this option for a single instance of the svn command using the --no-auth-cache command-line parameter (for those subcommands that support it). For more information, see the section called “Client Credentials Caching”.


This setting is the same as store-passwords, except that it enables or disables on-disk caching of all authentication information: usernames, passwords, server certificates, and any other types of cacheable credentials.

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+1 Great, exactly what I was looking for. – ThomasH May 11 '11 at 11:53

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