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On a Windows 7 computer, I regularly use IE9 F12 tools to monitor network traffic. These tools can be opened in one or more IE9 windows, when I'm experiencing the issue.

What is this issue?

After long time F12 tools was -or- are monitoring traffic, I can't download anything from any application, except HTTP webpages. I'm unable to receive FLV video data from websites like, or download a file from websites like -- neither from Internet Explorer, Firefox nor Orbit Downloader.


  • On like, I see the thumbnail, but not the video (permanently loading)
  • On every websites, I can click on links to download file, but the browser is permanently waiting for the server response
  • On Orbit Downloader, HTTP headers are submitted to the server, and HTTP response headers are received, but no data is coming

I just can see webpages, and graphics on webpages (i.e. jpg, png) may not be downloaded as well.

What about the hardware?

Problem appears in the same way, with my LAN or my WLAN NIC. So I think this is not a NIC-related issue.

Temporary workaround

I have to reboot my computer to download files.

Did somebody already encounter this problem?

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The problem may be caused by Kaspersky Anti-Virus, as reported here:… – Velcro May 20 '11 at 16:39
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OK, this problem is due to the following things:

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus is unstable after hibernation, if before hibernation the update was not finished
  • This make browsers unable to download anything, because Internet Anti-Virus Kaspersky module is blocked (neither enabled nor disabled)

To fix the problem, you can:

  • Shutdown and close Kaspersky
  • Close your browser, in order to Kaspersky can close itself because there isn't HTTP connections anymore
  • Launch your browser and delete all cache

After that, your downloads will work again.

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