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In Word and Excel 2010, you can save Word and Excel file as PDFs natively.

Can you combine a Word and Excel file into the same PDF using this PDF save functionality?

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I'm not familiar with any obvious way to do this which works seamlessly, but there is the basic way.

  1. Open the word/excel document
  2. Go to the insert tab, and select "Object" (i.e. insert object)
  3. Switch to the tab labeled "Create from file" in the dialog which pops up
  4. Browse to find your file and select it
  5. Optionally tick the "Link to File" option to make the inserted file update with the original file
  6. Make sure the "Display as Icon" option is *un*checked

The pro of this way is that it's very simple. The con is that it does not handle well inserting multipaged documents one into the other. If you are really desperate, you can split one document into pages (probably would be easier for the word document) and then insert each page seperatly to the other.

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I have used PrimoPDF to create PDF files. It will let you combine two PDF files into one.

Since you are using different Office programs to create the PDFs I would use Primo to combine them into one document.

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I do this using a third-party program. You can use PDFCreator to print to its queue and SAVE the first file - then print the second to the queue and combine the two into one PDF.

Alternatively, some PDF viewers let you combine, delete, crop and move pages around within and between files. I've had a good experience with PDF-Xchange Viewer.

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