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How can I make a persistent install of Xubuntu on my flash drive, so I can boot from my flash drive and save changes and files?

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The How-to Geek has an article on how to do this for Ubuntu. Presumably you can substitute the Xubuntu disc image and it would work just as well.

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You can just install it as it where any harddisk. Boot the installation media, when asked for harddisk choose the usb drive. Make sure your BIOS will/can boot usb devices. Might need 'rootdelay=10' or so on the kernel line (in grub) to delay boot a bit so usb stuff is initialized in kernel before accessing root system.

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A somewhat easy way to do it is to unplug/turnoff main HDD(s) in your system then plug-in the USB Drive and perform an ordinary installation on the USB Drive.

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You should check out They have tons of tutorials for installing linux distros to usb drives, including this one on Xubuntu. :)

Also, if you are unframiliar with a 'persistent' install you may want to give this a read.

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