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I'm running ubuntu in VMWare fusion and I want to move my home directory onto an alternate partition within the VM. (I'm going to set up symlinks to actually access it)

I have most of this taken care of, but when I try to remove the original files, I keep getting an error saying that /home/user/.gvfs/ is in use and I can't get rid of it.

How do I tell tell what is locking this directory and disable it long enough to set up the symlinks?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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I think you need to

  • boot to a live cd,
  • mount the new /home to a temp location,
  • copy & remove the current /home files
  • edit fstab to mount the new device as /home,
  • then boot to the OS

to complete this.

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/home/user/.gvfs/ is used by gvfsd as mount point for its virtual file system if the user has an active Gnome session. You need to close your Gnome session to remove it.

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