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I'm running opensuse 11.4. Did updates the other day, one of them a kernel. Its not running desktop. I can only assume it was running whatever came with 11.4 before, as it was only installed maybe a week ago.

After rebooting for the update my lan card stopped working. Physically its all good, its a software problem.

I cannot due to other problems use a DVD or flash drive on this computer. I am not wiping it either, not an option.

When I go to Yast>Network settings, neither ifup or network manager work, under any configuration possible. When set to Ifup, [realtek] RTL8111/8168B PCI Express gigbit ethernet controller shows up. It says its not configured, but i cannot Edit or delete it. I can only add a new device.

I need help figuring out how to add a device that will work.

Its a foxconn r20D2 box.

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Your description sounds a bit like that the "boot kernel" is older than expected. The command

uname -r

tells you which kernel is running now. The corresponding modules directory is

/lib/modules/$(uname -r)

You can check whether this directory exists and if there are the expected modules in its subdirectories. The installed kernel(s) can be displayed with:

rpm -qa |grep kernel

If the installed kernel version is higher, you may need to check your bootloader configuration.

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