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No, I am not referring to the cleaning inside the casing; I want to know how to clear off the dust that gathers outside the computer casing, in the dark corners of the computer table, the forgotten space occupied by a byzantine of cables, that are unreachable by broom or vacuum cleaners.

I don't want to disassemble my computers and monitors and the wires connecting them just because i need to clear off the dust. Is there a solution?

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All the same solutions from the posts you referenced would seem to equally apply to any outside portions of the computer:

  • Compressed Air
  • A Vacuum Nozzle or Brush (blowing or sucking)

Add to that: How about any sort of feather-style duster or just a cloth?

You may want to do this while your computer is off to prevent any knocked-loose dust bunnies from being sucked into your computer casing.

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The compressed air would mostly result in moving only this dust in a wider space. Vacuum cleaner would match, but then be careful, because often little parts of i-dont-know-what fall in these places, and for sure they would be lost. – Gnoupi Aug 24 '09 at 13:23

I recently got given some Cyber Clean Putty and have been using it to clean all sorts of stuff. My keyboard, mouse, phone, keys, edge of monitors etc etc.

Its really really effective and makes a big difference as you can squeeze it into all sorts of spaces. Comparible in price to something like a compressed air can, bearing in mind this stuff seems to last for quite a while.

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