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I'm trying to connect to a server using Cisco VPN client on windows 7 but while it's trying to secure the communications channel it comes up with an error 'Failed to enable Virtual Adaptor' Can anyone shed any light on the problem?



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Ensure that the Internet Connection Sharing service is not running.

Found Here

Summary extract:

In Summary(or for some reason the above link is broken) this worked for me,

  1. Start Menu
  2. Network
  3. Click on Network Sharing
  4. Click on Manage Networks in the new window opened
  5. Right Click on Cisco Adapter and click on Diaognise.
  6. Reset the Network adapter
  7. Now it says there is limited connectivity.Ignore it and restart the machine.
  8. Now try connecting to VPN.Thats all.Now you are connected.
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My suggestion is that you check in network and sharing center/change adapter settings if the cisco virtual adapter is not disabled.

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thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I've already tried that. –  Richard May 12 '11 at 13:03

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