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Possible Duplicate:
Windows registry and system cleaner applications ?

I know some software that promise to do a real clean on the Windows 7 registry, but most of them are paid and don't make a good job. Is there a free or open-source option that works well and doesn't erase essential keys?

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Perhaps CCleaner would do what you want?

CCleaner can clean the registry and remove unnecessary files from the system, reclaiming disk space and possibly speeding up the system. You need to be careful with it because you don't want to delete files that are useful and needed for future use.

As stated by Journeyman Geek, I'm not sure whether cleaning the registry is useful. It may help on old systems that have undergone many software installations and removals, but it can be dangerous if the wrong keys are removed. On most systems, cleaning the registry does not have any obvious benefit. My experience with CCleaner has been positive, and I have not experienced any problems associated with CCleaner's registry cleaning feature. The same probably cannot be said of some other registry cleaners, and you should always be careful with the registry. For more information, see this Microsoft article: Are registry cleaners necessary?

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windows registry 'optimisation' in many cases is snake oil. The best way to keep a registry clean is not to get junk on it in the first place.

Unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing, keep your hands off the registry, its just too complicated a thing to mess with/

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+1 Too true. Snake Oil is a good decription. I always worry when trying to fix an issue and last item in RUN is regedit – Dave M May 12 '11 at 12:11

Don't do it! First of all, why would you need to stick your nose in the Registry in the first place? Most people that know about the registry have no idea what it does, what it is for. If you'd know what you're doing, you wouldn't need a special tool, regedit would be enough.

As Journeyman Geek said, it's just snake oil. You won't feel a difference, it won't make your PC faster and it most likely won't remove any problems you already have. In my opinion, none of the tools do a good job simply because there is no good job to do.

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