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Some thing along the line of Apple Time Capsule but with hard drive extension bay(s) and capable of running linux/freenas ?

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I don't think this question counts as a shopping recommendation, but there are people voting to close. – paradroid May 12 '11 at 17:07

Any Linux-based router running TomatoUSB along with an external HDD would have those abilities.

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I think the best would be a LaCiE Wireless Space. It has routing abilities (ethernet only), WiFi, a hard drive, USB ports for extra disks / flash, and all in one sleek box.

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I don't know of any of-the-shelf solutions, so my advice would be to buy (or build) the NAS along with a wireless access point. Then connect the two directly with an Ethernet cable.

Although it's possible to build a NAS with an integrated wireless card (for example, some mini-ITX motherboards include a wireless PCI Express Mini card), it would be difficult to guarantee driver support - especially with FreeNAS.

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