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I have a Windows 7 box and an Ubuntu server that I need to sync files between. My plan was to use Rsync running in cygwin on the Windows machine with a script like this:

cd E:/User/
rsync -avz --delete -e "ssh -p 2221" Pictures/*
rsync -avz --delete -e "ssh -p 2221"* Pictures/

However when I attempt this, rsync spits out error's like this for every file or dir

rsync: recv_generator: fail to stat "/path/to/file/file.jpg": Permission denied (13)
rsync: recv_generator: mkdir "/path/to/file/": Permission denied (13)

The user I'm ssh'ing into the server as has drwxrwxrwx access to the directory (according to ls -la). Any idea how to fix this?

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