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I have a laptop1 which has its two interfaces ( wired and wireless ) working. And have another laptop (laptop2) for which only wired interface works.

I am planning to connect the two wired interfaces such that laptop2 can connect to internet through the wireless interface of laptop1. Any suggestions on how to achieve this? Both systems use Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop edition

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This answer by Owais Lone should help you from ubuntu at the bottom of this page

Right click the network manager and click edit connections. The under Wired tab, Add a new connection. Under the IPV4 Setting tab, select "Shared to others" for Method.

Now other machines should connect to LAN and get Internet access automatically.

Sharing internet over ethernet

Also, look at

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How can I do this sharing using /etc/network/interface? – Dewsworld Sep 11 '14 at 11:49

Thanks for your post that helped me to configured sharing wireless on ubuntu 12.04. just want to add to it. on ubuntu with internet connection, activate "My Share Connection". on the other ubuntu without internet connection. just use DHCP (which is by default).

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