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Many times when I am trying to explain something, I am creating a print screen from a Web page (or other region of my screen), cut some area and mark some fragments (for example by red lines).

In most cases I am doing this operations in simple graphic editor (for example MS Paint) and copy/paste it to e-mail program.

Is there any plug-in for mail programs (Outlook, Thunderbird) which can simplify this operation? For example by adding - "attach print screen" - after clicking on it you can select a region of your screen and in the next step mark some fragments.

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I dread the bloated emails containing images instead of a little clear text. – pavium May 13 '11 at 11:20

On Windows 7, press Start and search for 'snipping tool'. This will provide the partial capture and basic editing you require.

Even without this, you can press ALT+Printscreen to capture only the current active window.

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If you are using the Google Chrome browser, the 'Awesome Screenshot' plug-in will allow you to take a screen capture of either the visible portion of a page, an entire page, or a selected area of the page. Once the screen shot is taken, it will bring you right into an editor where you can perform any marking/annotating you wish, and finally once you have it edited to your liking it will give bring you to a page where you can copy/paste or save your final draft of the shot. Hope this helps!


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"FastStone Capture" (shareware) has the option to send output to your (default) email client (among other places). (And can do editing & any number of other nice things.) image description here

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