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I'm looking for some simple tagging software which can

  1. edit (or at least import from) existing exif (for images) or pdf tags
  2. search for tags
  3. handle at least jpg / pdf / office documents
  4. tags should be shareable : if I copy a directory with all the tagged files to a remote server or an usb key, tags should still be there

The question What's good tagging software for Windows Explorer? does not help me as it's not about exif, nor does it allow me to share tags across computers.

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Are you asking for tagging software that tags the files like this question is tagged as "pdf" "tagging" "exif" OR are you asking for Exif data editing software (Exif data are usually referenced as "Exif tags")? — Furthermore, Exif data is always in the file itself, so the metadata transfers as the file transfers. –  koiyu May 20 '11 at 18:25
jpgs have exif, pdf has some kind of metadata, office documents have something similar. I'm looking for software that can tag files. Either by using the fileformat's tagging capability (e.g. tags in exif data, as you can edit in Picasa), or by storing the tags somewhere else. In the latter case, I would like to be able to import from existing exif tags. Windows 7 can do this, but on a file per file bases, no easy ui for mass-tagging. –  ymajoros May 21 '11 at 6:52

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