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I am using docky on Ubuntu. I want to have a launcher for intellij in my docky bar, but I have an issue.

No matter which method for adding the launcher to the dock I use, the intellij icon specified in my .desktop won't display. Instead I get the lame spring board launcher icon. Once I launch intellij it creates another icon on docky. So now I have intellij's correct icon and the spring board launcher icon. Once I close intellij we are back to just the spring board again.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?

I should also note that "idea" launches a shell script if that matters

Desktop file

[Desktop Entry]                                                                                                                               
Name=Intellij IDE                                                                                                                             
Comment=Idea IntelliJ IDE                                                                                                                     
Name=Intellij IDE                                                                                                                             
Name[en_US]=Intellij IDE                                                                                                                      
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