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I have a local copy of entire DVD's VIDEO_TS directory.

How can I use Xine or Mplayer to play it in a "DVD mode"?

That means for me:

  • that menus are recognized as such,
  • I can select language and other DVD-related options from DVD's menu, rather than from command line
  • I can navigate through titles, rather than VOB files.
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Assuming your dvd folder is /path/to/movie/VIDEO_TS, try

xine dvd:///path/to/movie/


vlc dvd:///path/to/movie/

mplayer plays the movie, but I couldn't get it to play it in DVD mode. Apparently, the packaged builds of mplayer don't quite have menu navigation support yet.

mplayer dvd:// -dvd-device '/path/to/movie'

If your build of mplayer has dvd menu support, you should be able to invoke it using dvdnav:// instead of dvd://

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Thank you very much! dvdnav:// was the solution to what I was looking for. – linux_is_for_desktop Aug 24 '09 at 5:28

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