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My Laptop was working fine and suddenly many windows of GOM player opened at once and when I tried to close it, all icons were changed as GOM player shortcuts.

I uninstalled GOM player but still the problem isn't solved, all shortcuts behave as "open with file".

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Do you mean ALL icons? Have you tried the obvious (refreshing the desktop/window), rebooting?

If so, the GOM player may have wrote (for some reason) file associates for all your files for the GOM player in your registry. You might want to try a registry cleaning tool like CCleaner which is free and very good.

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It seems like GOM has changed the association for LNK files, which are your shortcuts.

Here is my registry entry for LNK files. Copy this text into a file named lnk.reg on your Desktop. Run the file and it will restore the registry settings. You can delete the file afterwards.

I tested this on my Windows 7 Professional 32-bit system. I give no guarantee this will work on any other OS including Windows 7 64-bit.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00










Just a note to scutinising eyes, the second line [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.lnk] deletes the existing registry key, removing any corrupt data. The entire key is recreated from scratch.

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