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Recently I have realized my bandwidth for internet is getting full, even when I don't use internet. My firewall shows "bandwidth full".

So I install Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 and finally I think I found the problem

I am using Internet Download Manager and FlashGot for downloading. I understand when my file is finished or I click on the "pause" button, these download managers continue to actually send packets. When this problem occurs, the firewall just shows my bandwidth and not which process caused the problem. I can however see from this from network monitor.

I just want to know if is this Windows problem or a virus?

I am sure it has nothing to do with the download manager because I try a lot of download managers and I have this problem with all of them. I don't have this problem when I download a file directly with the browser.

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If you are using the Torrent part of these programs, it is possible that you are seeding even if you have selected pause.

I recommend trying to close these application all together, then monitor your bandwidth again.

It could possibly be a virus, but at this point, I find it very unlikely.

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