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I would like my Mac to use specific proxy auto-config settings when inside the office LAN but not use a proxy when connected to any other network.

How can I configure it in such a way? I suspect there should be a way to add a conditional in the pac file javascript to check whether the computer is currently inside the office LAN - but how?

My current pac file is something like this:

var normal = "DIRECT", officeproxy = "PROXY";

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
    if(/^https:\/\/secure.com\//i.test(url)) {
        return officeproxy; 
    return normal;


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There's no way to check what network the computer is connected to per se; however, one can use different alternative methods of checking local hosts to attempt to guess the network:

myIpAddress() === officeip

or such.


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