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For some reason I need to access the Internet through a SSH tunnel connection. The way I do it now is to open Putty and load a tunnel profile.

Since I will need tunneling all the time, is there a program that satisfies the following?

  • establish a SSH tunnel
  • run in the background; I don't need to interact with the terminal
  • lightweight, like Putty
  • auto login
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Take a look at plink, made by the putty developers.

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Thanks. I made a script with plink –  Wei Shi May 16 '11 at 23:45

I use ProxyCap. It supports ssh natively and makes it possible to do without an ssh client.

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I use bitvise tunnelier along with Proxifier, they work great.

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Have a look at MyEnTunnel, it uses plink and can run as a Windows service.

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