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I need to compare two strings in excel and determine if they are equal, the strings are in adjacent cells. For example, given:

apple   apple
water   water
pear    carrot
apple   water
dog     dog
pear    carrot
Apple   apple

the formula on the third column should give me:


Any help appreciated, Ted

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Use the built in exact() function which is exact-ly for this purpose:

=exact(A1, B1)

It will return true if the strings are identical.

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I never noticed that equals was case insensitve before. Thanks. – Kevin Manning May 16 '11 at 12:48

If case in your third column result is not important, =A1=B1. If case in your result does matter, =IF(A1=B1,"true","false").

This comparison (=A1=B1) is slightly different than the exact comparison since case sensitivity of the characters is not compared. The exact function also compares the character case. If you need case sensitivity checked and specify your own results, use =IF(EXACT(A1,B1),"true","false").

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