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I have received an email with about 200 pictures downloading links from a hosting site. Is there any way I can batch download all of the pictures instead of click each downloading link? I guess the pictures were uploaded one by one.

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Are these links image url? What OS are you using? – ngen May 16 '11 at 4:35

If you're on *nix:

Just copy and paste the URLs to a text file, so you have on on each line.

Save this as urls.txt

Then run wget -i urls.txt. wget will retrieve every URL in the file to the current directory.

If you're on Windows:

Get wget for Windows from the GnuWin32 project (download the "complete package, except sources" and run the installer). Create a text file like I instructed above and save it in the new folder as urls.txt. Then, hold shift and right click the folder and choose "Open a command prompt here". Then, in the command prompt, run the same command as above (wget -i urls.txt).

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You can create a file which downloads the files with wget

In effect it becomes a script.

You would create a text file listing the URLs and precede each with wget, for example:

wget -nd
wget -nd

The -nd option makes sure that the directory structure of the source website is not duplicated and all files are downloaded into the current working directory.

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