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Is there any way to assign a key in ubuntu to switch to the previous workspace. I know there are keys to switch to workspace on left, right, up and down. But I want to switch to the previous workspace I was using so that I can switch between two workspaces using the same key.

Version of ubuntu i am using is 11.04 natty narwhal.

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To switch/rotate through workspaces use: Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Keys

To move a Window to a new workspace use: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Arrow Keys

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I already know this.But what i wanted to know is how to switch to the previous workspace using a single key so that i can switch back and forth between two workspaces using the same key – rogerstone May 18 '11 at 7:25

I'm quite new to Linux (switching over from Windows 7), and ran into the same dilemma myself. After a little digging, I found the answer...

In Gnome2, navigate to System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts. There you'll find the key bindings for workspace navigation as well as many others you might find useful.

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