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Possible Duplicate:
Recording Audio from WMP Stream

I have this pls files that allows my media player to play this online radio. I would like to record an interval of the stream and save it to MP3. I could use Virtual Audio Cable and Sound Recorder together to achieve this, but I'm sure there is a better way.

For example, Windows Sound Recorder saves to WMA, and I want MP3. And using Virtual Audio Cable seems like overengineering this solution.

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VLC (although not the perfect tool for the job) does this quite easily for you. Using the 'advanced open' dialogue, you can select your stream, and save it to a specific location (in mp3 if you wish).

Further editing can be done using Audacity.

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VLC saves to 128 kbps MP3 by default. But I could change it. – Jader Dias May 22 '11 at 23:43

I use "Replay Media Catcher" from Applian for this kind of thing. Very good and can save directly to MP3.

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AIMP has that feature build in.

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