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I was wondering in Openoffice Calc spreadsheet, how to add a line between every two rows? I want to print a spreadsheet, with a line separating every two rows. Thanks and regards!

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I think you will find it easier with both Calc and Excel to select the rows, right-click -> Row height and then enter double the current row height.

If you really want a blank row between each:

  • add a column
  • Put numbers 1, 2, ..., n for each of your rows
  • Put 1.5, 2.5, ..., n+.5 in each of the blank rows following row n
  • Sort by that column (this will "Faro shuffle" your original and blank rows)
  • delete that column

Doesn't the first option sound a lot better?

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You could add a column. Select the cells in the new column for the desired rows. edit/fill/series (start with "1") and press enter. Select an equal number of cells in the new column below the desired rows. edit/fill/series (start with "1.5"). Select all cells. data/sort/column "A". Delete the new column.

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