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Hello i have a problem with some vista updates using the windows update feature. It seems the updates always fail and i get a slew of error codes. googling them I have done all the recommended suggestions... and yet it still fails. It looks like almost windows update doesnt want to just download the files the error codes are 80072efp and 800401fp some of the updates include silverlight to the .net framework to nvidia drivers

I have followed basic windows update help and Google search results.

Any help would be welcome.

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Try just installing "1" update works 4 me =) (remember just 1 update if it don't work pick another update)

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I searched for those error codes and can't find anything associated with Windows Update errors.

Have you looked at the Windows Update log? Are there any errors in there? See How to read Windowsupdate.log from Microsoft Support if you don't know how to find the file.

If you're unsure of how to read the log once you find it, you can always use a website like pastebin, copy all of the text there and update your question with the link pastebin provides you.

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1 Update at a time makes zero difference manual updates of the .net framework 3.5 fail as well interestingly enough is the pastebin of todays work. I have messed with IE settigns with proxies lans and firewalls... Not sure what to do – Ioudas Aug 24 '09 at 2:01
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Looks like system restore/reinstall is the fix for this one.

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