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I'd like to have a monitor arm in the living room to use while I'm in a recliner or on the couch. I'd like a system that can handle larger monitors (or small TVs).

I've tried what I believe is one "official" product on the market: http://www.theeasychairmount.com

There are a few issues with it:

  • They spec 28 pounds as a maximum, but it struggles (and has bent) with a 23 lb monitor/tv. The base seems a bit flimsy even at that weight.
  • It's very awkward to hold a TV/monitor in mid air while you attach it to the square VESA mount
  • It's hard to adjust the angle and rotation of the monitor
  • The left-to-right title of the monitor changes as you extend the arm

Looking around online, that still seems to be the only product in that category. Other links you find seem to wind up eventually referring back to that one product.

Question 1:

Given all the AV and IT stuff in living rooms these days, I would've thought this would be an entire product category by now!? Are there any other vendors???

Other ideas that I've seen:

  • Get a desk mount monitor arm, attach it to furniture, then swing it around over the chair. This requires you to have a rather substantial piece of furniture, especially since you're going to be hanging the weight over the side.
  • Get a wall mount TV arm and place your chair near the wall.
  • (my idea) Build a fake wall stud next to the chair, with a plywood platform and A frame of 2x4's, and then use the wall mount stuff. This seems really ugly.

Question 2:

What are other options for placing monitors in the living room for individual use, assuming you don't want to use the main screen or a laptop? (assuming an iPad or tablet isn't big enough)

Some other thoughts:

  • Monitors arms tend to have square VESA layouts, whereas TVs seem to have a rectangular pattern. If you were to choose 4 of the 6 holes in that pattern the TV would list to one side, so you need a rectangular to square adapter.

  • I'd really like to find a 2 piece "quick connect" VESA adapter. So I could fasten one half to the monitor arm. And the second half to the monitor/TV while it's on the ground. And pickup the TV and easily "dock it" in place. So you wouldn't need to fiddle with actual screws while the TV is in mid-air. So far all I've found online like this seems to be vendor specific. I'm not sure if there's a specific name for this type of product that I need to search for? Ideally the monitor arm part would be square VESA 75 or 100, and the monitor/TV part would be for rectangular VESA patterns. If I found a quick connect adapter that didn't do this, then I'd need to "daisy chain" a square to rectangle adapter with this quick-connect adapter, which adds weight AND distance from the monitor arm, which increases gravity's leverage on arm.

  • LED backlit TVs have reduced the weight of some TVs enough that they fall well under the 28 lb (or 22 lb) limit of the armchair monitor arm mentioned above. So I'm thinking of buying another one if I can't find a better option. In the extreme case, there are now some 32" TV's under 20 lbs (without stand). Obviously that would be way too large for somebody with normal vision, but a great option for others.

Question 3:

Can somebody please give some pointers on quick-release VESA kits that are not vendor specific? Is there a special name for this?

And maybe also what's available for going from square to rectangular VESA conversion? Ideally it'd be:

1: Support 75x75 / 100x100 to 100x200

2: Also support quick-connect / release ( but in a secure way )

3: Not vendor specific

Or maybe even something with thumbscrews instead of regular screws? Maybe ones that don't fall out?

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Hi, welcome to SuperUser, shopping recommendations are off-topic as per the faq. –  paradd0x May 17 '11 at 19:40
Thought it was more on the technical side than shopping, I'm trying to find out about VESA issues and a product category. –  Mark Bennett May 28 '11 at 22:43
I did find a bit of info I wanted to share - like that VESA 100x100 uses 10mm M4 screws, then found another site with specs, that those are 4mm outer diameter, with .7mm thread. I found some with "knurled end" on Amazon, and they are MUCH easier than regular screws. Not a lot of easy to find useful info about vesa beyond the darn hold patterns, which every site has. –  Mark Bennett May 28 '11 at 22:59

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