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Equations in LibreOffice (OpenOffice) can be autonumbered. How can I reference equations in text by that numbers so when equation numbers then references in document updated automaticaly.

For example in initial document were two equations:

equation before

New equation was inserted:

equation after

How to avoid this. What is the "special way" to reference equation in document text so it will be updated automatically when equation number change.

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Uhm, you are referencing equation 1, so it's still 1 afterwards. Try referencing equation 2...

Look for functionality to update the references if the above is by accident and the problem persists.

You can number equations in OpenOffice:

  1. Choose Insert > Cross-reference from the menu bar.
  2. On the Cross-references tab, under Type, select Text.
  3. Under Selection, select the equation number.
  4. Under Format, select Reference.
  5. Click Insert.
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You could also make numbered equations in a special way though. For this You should type right in Your document fn and then press F3. A template for a numbered equation should appear.

What F3 calls is the autotext expansion. Here You call autotext which has a shortcut fn - it stands for "Formula Numbering".

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This solution is just great as it produces exactly what I want without the need to manually define cross references! – fdetsch Mar 2 '15 at 11:30

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