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I mount my true crypt volume with a logon script, so it is available very early after logging in. Then I right-click the directory, Properties -> Sharing -> Advanced Sharing -> UAC: Yes -> [x] Share this folder -> Permissions -> Everyone: Full Control -> OK -> OK -> Close. The last steps I have to repeat after each reboot.

Is there a Windows option which I have to set, so it will remember the network share? Or can I execute the above procedure in a script which I can add to the autostart folder?

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Would this be of use? It's for use under Vista so should work with 7

  1. Create a folder on your ordinary hard disc, “Shared”.
  2. Go into “Shared”, from a command prompt (Start->Run->cmd)
  3. Type “junction “Stuff” F:\My_Removable_Drive”

That creates a symlink called “Stuff” under “Shared”, which will point to F:\My_Removable_Drive

You can now share the folder “Shared” and have network access to your Removable drives whenever they’re plugged in, without having to tediously recreate the share every time.

Taken from here

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Instead of junction from Sysinternals one also can use mklink /j <link> <target>. – Mike L. May 19 '11 at 7:33

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