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I've been tweaking my proxy .pac file, and updating the AirPort proxy settings several times. At some point it seemed that OS X began ignoring the proxy settings completely.

In the System Preferences > AirPort > Advanced > Proxies I see the correct file url and the Automatic Proxy Configuration is checked (yes, I remembered to "Apply" and save my changes), but browsers are ignoring the proxy. In addition, I get this:

$ networksetup -getwebproxy AirPort
Enabled: No
Port: 0
Authenticated Proxy Enabled: 0

Even if I try using the command line with:

$ networksetup -setautoproxyurl AirPort http://path/to/my.pac

the command exits with no error message and the proxy still isn't considered nor the -getwebproxy command show that a proxy is active.

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Are you sure the PAC file is valid? I just tried setting both an invalid PAC url and a valid url pointing to an invalid file; neither gave me any errors (or useful log entries that I could find), they were just silently ignored.

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I think you're right. Is there some way to test PAC files and get an intelligible indications of what's the error in them? – UrEl May 18 '11 at 17:24
@UrEI: Try pacparser -- I haven't used it, but the .dmg download for OS X includes a pactester program that looks like it should do the job. – Gordon Davisson May 18 '11 at 21:39

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