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There are no StatSVN questions on superuser, but why not start? ;-)

Here's my problem... I generate a log from subversion with:

svn log -v --xml > log.xml

The latest revision that shows up in that file is 5311.

Next, I generate a StatSVN xml file with this single command (broken into multiple lines here):

java -jar statsvn.jar \
-include "**/*.c:**/*.h:**/*.cpp:**/*.hpp:**/*.pl:**/*.sh:Changelog" \ 
-xml -cache-dir ./cache -output-dir ./xml log.xml . 

The above command includes only .c, .h, .cpp, .hpp, .pl files and also the file "Changelog".

It works, except that the last revision that is found in resulting "repo-statistics.xml" is 5309 (2 revisions prior to the current one). I have made changes to .h and .cpp files in 5310 and 5311 so they should show up in "repo-statistics.xml". Do you have an idea why they don't?

I've been consistently running into this problem of repo-statistics.xml lagging 1-2 revisions behind the current one.

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