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If I use the command runas and run a program as a different user on the domain will this actually return information regarding their computer or will it give me my comptuers information?

for example if I use

Runas (other user on domain) -tasklist.exe

Will this return their tasklist information?

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No, this will just run the program locally on your machine with their credentials. I think SysInternals has a program that can execute commands on remote machines - I believe it's called PsExec.

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I have heard of PsExec (but I need to download the toolset), the problem is I need to be able to execute a program on remote machines without downloading/using anything else. – harper89 May 18 '11 at 12:39

From Powershell you could issue the following command


Get-WmiObject -class win32_process | foreach { write-host $_.ProcessName -NoNewline ; Write-Host  $($_.getowner() | select domain, user) }

Sample Output

conhost.exe@{domain=LandLocked; user=userA}
iexplore.exe@{domain=LandLocked; user=userB}
iexplore.exe@{domain=LandLocked; user=userB}
chrome.exe@{domain=LandLocked; user=userA}
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